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  1. senthilselvan, Member


    after the new installation's, I'm getting 'csrf error' and unable to login.

    Using the Domain URL and trying to open the DBR link


    Apache - 2.4
    PHP - 7.3

    please suggest ..

    Thank you senthil selvan

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Is there a reason for using HTTPS port for HTTP traffic?

    When myDBR detects a HTTPS port in use it will by default force secure cookies. Simplest solution is to use a non-HTTPS port.

    If you want to use a HTTPS port for HTTP traffic, you can disable the secure cookies by adding following lines to user/defaults.php

    $mydbr_defaults['cookie']['force_secure_only_on_https'] = false;
    $mydbr_defaults['cookie']['secure_only'] = false;

    myDBR Team


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