Sigma sign no longer working

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  1. maron, Member

    After latest update the sum Σ (sigma) sign is showing as

    & Sigma ;

    Spaces added so it doesn't convert to the sign in all reports.

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    We do not seem to replicate this.

    Is the sigma sign coming from your preferences or from the dbr.sum.prefix command?

    myDBR Team

  3. maron, Member

    I have tried replacing it with either the sign or the html code for it - the result is always the same

  4. maron, Member

    Preferences sorry - happening to all our users however.

  5. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Do you have "Σ" set as a preference?

    What is the output of:

    select value, count(*)
    from mydbr_options
    where name like '%sumprefix%'
    group by value

    if you got 's:7:"Σ";' there, you can convert it to Σ:

    update mydbr_options
    set value='s:2:"Σ";'
    where value = 's:7:"Σ";';

    myDBR Team

  6. maron, Member

    value count(*)
    s:3:"sum"; 2
    s:7:"& Sigma ;"; 4 -- added spaces as otherwise it converts to the Σ symbol
    # 2

  7. maron, Member

    As you can see I changed it to sum for now.

  8. myDBR Team, Key Master

    myDBR no longer dedoces the HTML values for the aggregate prefixes. Old myDBR default installations (pre 3.6.0 Oct 2012) used the 'Σ' as a prefix. Since then, the default has been an empty string.

    If you want to continue to use the 'Σ' as the prefix you can use the GUI for that. If you want to set it manually, use format 's:2:"Σ";'.

    The option format is a PHP serialized string where the 's' means string and the number after ':' tells the length of the string. Your manual version s:7:"& Sigma ;" misses change in the length.

    myDBR Team


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