Displaying a Specific folder Above Report Files Within the Same Parent Directory in myDBR portal

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  1. shiva_dbr, Member

    Hello myDBR Team,

    I am reaching out to seek guidance on a specific organizational feature within the myDBR portal. In our current setup, we have a structure where one folder named Details and other myDBR reports are nested under a single parent directory. So our folder called "Details", is positioned towards the end of this list, after numerous report files.

    My objective is to reorganize this structure so that 'Details' Folder appears at the top of the list, above all these report files, within the same parent directory. This reordering is crucial for improving navigation and access efficiency

    I have explored the existing documentation and forum discussions. While I found the 'Move report' feature in the edit view, it seems primarily designed for moving items across different parent folders. However, in our case, 'Folder Details' is already in the correct parent folder, and the need is to change its order within this folder.

    Is there a way to manually adjust the order of folders and reports within the same parent directory so that 'Details' Folder can be displayed prominently at the top? This adjustment would significantly enhance our user experience by reducing the need for excessive scrolling .

    Your advice or any workaround on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    For now, you can order the reports and the folders will follow the reports. We can add the capability to order folders as well.

    For now, you move the Details-folder to a new report category (create one).

    myDBR Team


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