generating mydbr reports dynamically on portal if end user clicks button on front end application.

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  1. shiva_dbr, Member

    Hi Team,

    So at Verifacto we use a web app to show case our current reports. We have already have a working section that is the standard reports section where we show various reports. Here each report corresponds to a mydbrportal report which we have created earlier manually . so we are linking it by adding it in a php file and mentioning its procedure name

    now are plan is to have an option to create custom reports in frontend. That is end users can create new reports with columns that they can pick from a dropdown belonging to different tables in backend.

    Now question is if end user creates a new custom report with n columns , how do we dynamically generate this report in mydbr portal and can we link it by adding it in the same php file as earlier using report's procedure name.

    So if 5 custom reports are created one by one by end user in frontend I want to dynamically generate corresponding 5 matching reports on mydbrportal.

    would appreciate your response on this topic?

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Sounds like what you are doing is a report with user-defined preselected parameters for a report that will then pick the columns the user has selected. If the columns come from multiple tables, the report needs to build the joins between the tables. This is not necessarily a new report but predefined parameters for a report.

    One way of doing this is that you would have a report with two parameters: one 'selectlist' for the user-defined set of columns (to be defined later) and the second one for a checkbox list of columns the user can choose from.

    The initial run of the report shows no preselected columns, and the user can select the columns and run the report. In the report, the user sees the output and has an option to save the selected set of columns (optionally per user). The saved set can then be used for the first 'selectlist' parameter in subsequent runs of reports. When the user selects the predefined value from the list, the checkbox list updates accordingly (using a connected parameter).

    myDBR Team


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