When will support for PHP 8.3 be available?

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  1. ken@hydrantsoft.com, Member

    Our need to move to PHP 8.3 just went critical.

    When will support for PHP 8.3 be available?

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    myDBR codebase is compatible with PHP 8.3. We are now waiting for the encoder support. Based on the history, we expect that to be available fairly soon.

    What is the critical need for PHP 8.3 for you?

    myDBR Team

  3. ken@hydrantsoft.com, Member

    I get into this issue occasionally where I forget to check on MyDBR/SG support and ASSUME it's there... and I upgrade based on other systems that I manage that don't use MyDBR.

    So once again I'm trying to decide whether to downgrade back to 8.2 (which I probably will not do), wait for 8.3 support (which could be a problem if support will be more than a few days coming) or move to a different report writer where I don't constantly have to worry about these issue (which I'm said I was going to do after the last update where it took forever to get a update out).

    So here I am again.

    I've reached out to SourceGuardian to see when they expect to have 8.3 support available as well.

    I like MyDBR. But it's reliance on SourceGuardian and their sluggishness in staying current with PHP releases is an ongoing problem.

  4. ken@hydrantsoft.com, Member

    Just received some initial feedback from SourceGuardian and it's not sounding positive. Apparently that haven't even begun working on 8.3 yet. They said they don't work with beta releases any more, and since 8.3 came out prior to the holidays, they haven't made much progress yet.

    The person I spoke with said they are going to "nudge" the developer, but it didn't sound like we would get a solution any time soon...

    I have two products that use MyDBR. This one with the immediate need is the smaller of the two. I think I'll go ahead and move it off of MyDBR to simple PDF reports and hope this gets resolved before I have to move the other product to PHP 8.3.

  5. myDBR Team, Key Master

    New PHP versions are released annually towards the end of the year. Encoder makers such as SourceGuardian and ionCube need time to develop and thoroughly test their new versions after the final PHP release. Historically, SourceGuardian has been quite prompt with its releases, typically in January or February. At same time myDBR prepares the version for new PHP. This includes both myDBR codebase and the third party components used in myDBR. When all this is done, we do release a version compatible with new PHP version.

    Is there a specific reason for using PHP 8.3 right now? The differences between PHP 8.2 and PHP 8.3 are relatively minor, and you will likely not notice much of a difference between the versions.

    myDBR Team

  6. ken@hydrantsoft.com, Member

    No particular reason other than remaining current. I updated several days ago and just realized the MyDBR issue. So no backing up to 8.2 for this small product would be problematic.

    This product only has a half dozen MyDBR reports. (My larger product has dozens, so I caught the issue before making the mistake with the larger product).

    At this point it would be easier to make the reports simple PDF files then to return to PHP 8.2.

    I was just hoping that the SG release was close. I could wait a week... maybe two. But three would start being an issue.

    I get that this problem was if my own making. I could have easily waited until 8.3 support was available. But I dropped the ball and jumped too quickly. I'm just trying to determine the timing so I can map out my direction.

  7. myDBR Team, Key Master

    You decide what is best for you. Changing between PHP versions is a straightforward process and takes only few minutes.

    myDBR Team

  8. ken@hydrantsoft.com, Member

    Yep. I rolled back to 8.2 with the hope that SourceGuardian would have something better to say than...

    "Support for PHP 8.3 will be available later this year."


  9. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Ceeating a safe and reliable encoder for dynamic language like PHP will take its time. We'll then release support for PHP 8.3 as soon as our encoder tests are successfully completed.

    Meanwhile, you can continue to use PHP 8.2 which remains under active development.
    myDBR Team


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