How to access individual element attributes in a Template for Parameter form?

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  1. cris, Member

    Is there a way to access the placeholder (or other attributes) for the input element created automatically by using the template for parameter form? For instance, if I put {#inFirstName} and {#inLastName} in a template used for a parameter form, how would I add an individual placeholder to each? Since the <input> tag isn't used, I don't know where I could add the placeholder. I also noticed when I inspect the form, the parameters are no longer named parameter_id_inFirstName, but are named u1, u2, etc.

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Go to "Edit report" and the Options for the parameter includes the placeholder. myDBR will use that in your template.

    myDBR will convert the template parameters {#inFirstName} to it's internal element names (u1, u2 etc) when it creates the form from the template.

    myDBR Team


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