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  1. -nth-, Member

    I've got Graphviz installed (it shows up under Installed modules), but when I go to Report Map, choose any report, select output of "Show Picture", I end up with a broken picture icon. If I switch to PDF output, it produces an invalid PDF. If I choose dot file, here's the output I get:

    strict digraph "myDBR reports" { rankdir=LR; PROCEDURE [ label="sp_DBR_Report1|PROCEDURE",shape=record,fontsize=10,style=filled,fillcolor="#CCCCFF" ]; PROCEDURE -> sp_DBR_userusage [ color=red ]; PROCEDURE -> sp_DBR_StatisticsReport [ color=red ]; PROCEDURE -> sp_DBR_Report2 [ color=red ]; PROCEDURE -> sp_DBR_Report3 [ color=red ]; PROCEDURE -> sp_DBR_Report4 [ color=red ]; }

    I've tried a bunch of different combinations of reports, directions and output in Report Map, but haven't been able to produce a report. Not sure where I'm going wrong...


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    The output does not look correct. We'll take a look at it.

    myDBR Team

  3. myDBR Team, Key Master

    There are couple of issues here.

    We've got minor improvements to Report Map (for SQL Server) in upcoming minor update. However, there still might be a problem with your setup. We'll send you a PM with instructions how to see what might cause this for you.

    myDBR Team

  4. -nth-, Member

    For the sake of future reference here are the main things that fixed it...

    1. Install the newest update
    2. Install "regular" version of Graphviz. I didn't have it installed though documentation clearly states the need to have regular and PHP PEAR version, but I missed that...
    3. Make sure that Graphviz bin directory shows up in Environment Variables PATH statement. (Even further, make sure that it shows up when viewing Environment Variables through a PHP info page)


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