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  1. I'm having a problem getting my URL to show up. 'dbr.purehtml' causes the SQL statement to there a way to do this in one of my query fields? Here's the base of the query - with the last field needing to be a clickable link:

    select c.Mydate as 'MyDate',
    c.src as 'Src',
    c.dst as 'Dst',
    where ...

    Sorry - figured out I should be using dbr.url

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Forum sw sometimes too eager to to display html.

    You can include HTML code into a column using select 'dbr.purehtml:your_html_here'. This will tell myDBR not to encode the html code attached. No need to add starting and ending html-tag though.

    If you want to pass parameters to URL (instead of just displaying static html) use the 'dbr.url' command. You can see how to use dbr.url in myDBR demo

    myDBR Team

  3. Thank you so much.

    Your tool is fantastic - and is allowing me to build something that we've struggled with for months.

    I got it working just like I wanted to - embedded audio player linked to a URL using HTML5 <audio> tags. Very cool. One more question though.

    I like that "embed=1" eliminates the MyDBR "button bar" at the top, but it also removes all of the formatting.

    hdr=0 appears to just remove the header.

    Is there a way to get rid of the button bar (toolbar?) without getting rid of the headers either through a dbr. command or through a URL querystring?

  4. myDBR Team, Key Master

    glad you like myDBR.

    "embed"-parameter is meant for situation where you want just the object's html code (no head/body tags are included). The use case is when you embed just the element into another web page.

    "hdr"-parameter just removes the header and footer, but the otherwise delivers full html-page.

    Toolbar on top right is visible to admins. The export menu is available to all users. You can turn it off completely, but not on report by report basis.

    myDBR Team


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