PDF Export results in rectangle when using dbr.purehtml

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  1. duane, Member

    I;ve created a page made entirely using dbr.purehtml so I can get the contents of the query into a specific layout (using tables). I intended to then have this emailed to people as a PDF attachment. However when I generate the PDF file, it always comes out as a PDF with the body content simply being a rectangle box.

    Is this a known issue or is it supposed to work?

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    While we do support some of the things you can pass on with dbr.purehtml, not everything is supported. Converting arbitary HTML into PDF is best done with browser's rendering engine (print to PDF).

    If you send us an example code (to support mail), we can take a look if anything can be done.

    myDBR Team


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