Pie chart side labels overlap title

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  1. -nth-, Member

    I've got a pie chart with the side label option on where the labels "run into" the title. I'd like to prevent that since it makes the chart look sloppy.

    I'm using the following options on this chart if it makes any difference:
    SELECT 'dbr.chart.options','imagechart'; SELECT 'dbr.chart.options','chartdirector','$c->setLabelLayout("SideLayout");'; SELECT 'dbr.chart.options','chartdirector', '$c->setLabelFormat("");';


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    very crowded pie charts may sometimes need some tweaking. If you are using setLabelLayout, you can also specify the top margin with the 3rd parameter (2nd being left/right):

    SELECT 'dbr.chart.options','chartdirector','$c->setLabelLayout("SideLayout",-1, 20);';

    myDBR Team


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