Minor tabbed export bug

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  1. Hi,

    We've discovered a minor tabbed export bug when one of the tabs has no data.

    If you export the entire report, then each of the tabs' data is exported correctly. However, if the tab with no data is in the middle, the tabs following it will not export correctly. It seems that however MyDBR is keeping track of the resultsets, it gets off by one.

    Our workaround is to push possibly blank tabs to the end, but this isn't ideal

    Here's the example code & the sample exports are here.

    CREATE PROCEDURE sp_DBR_Tabbed_Export_Bug()
    BEGIN SELECT 'dbr.tab', 'Tab 1';
    SELECT 'dbr.tab', 'Tab 2';
    SELECT 'dbr.tab', 'Tab 3';
    SELECT 'dbr.tab', 'Tab 4'; SELECT 1 AS 'Tab 1 Data'; SELECT 'dbr.tab.next'; SELECT 'dbr.no_data', 'No Tab 2 Data.'; SELECT *
    FROM (
    SELECT 2 AS 'Tab 2 Data'
    ) d
    WHERE 1 = 2; SELECT 'dbr.tab.next'; SELECT 3 AS 'Tab 3 Data'; SELECT 'dbr.tab.next'; SELECT 4 AS 'Tab 4 Data'; SELECT 'dbr.tab.close'; END

  2. PS Backticks seem to be processed even within a code or sql block. Is there anyway to enter a backtick so it's not converted to a code tag?

  3. myDBR Team, Key Master

    We'll take a look at this.

    myDBR Team


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