How to: add autocomplete parameter?

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  1. -nth-, Member

    I'm a little fuzzy on how to create an autocomplete parameter. If I'm understanding the documentation correctly I'd put the following code into my autocomplete parameter (obviously using my table/column info and accounting for mysql/mssql differences):

    create procedure sp_Autoc_DBR_Titles( inTitle varchar(255) )
    select Title
    where Title like concat( inTitle, '%');

    But that doesn't work. Maybe adding a screenshot or two to the documentation (similar to the screenshots explaining the other parameter types) may help clear things up for me.


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Create the autocomplete procedure (sp_Autoc_DBR_Titles) into the database, so that it can be called. Then add just the procedure name as an autocomplete query.

    myDBR Team


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