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  1. KC, Member


    I'm having problem displaying the data points in my MSLine ChartDirector graph. As I understand it showAnchors should control this but it doesn't seem to have any affect. Have I misunderstood the meaning of showAnchors? I can control the showing of the values of the data points with showvalues.

    Regards, KC

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    The showAnchors is an FlashChart-only option. It is incorrectly mentioned in ChartDirector example in the documentation.

    By default, the ChartDirector charts do not use symbols (anchors) for datapoints. You can customize the chart via native commands if you like to add one. There are multiple choises for symbols to choose from. To add symbols to each dataset you can use following code (this code assumes you have 4 lines on your chart):

    select 'dbr.chart.options', 'chartdirector', 'for ($dsn=0; $dsn < 4; $dsn++) { $ds=$layer->getDataSet($dsn); $ds->setDataSymbol(DiamondSymbol, 10); }';

    myDBR Team

  3. KC, Member

    Great, thank you for your prompt reply!

    Regards, KC


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