Returning to a tab from which a drill-down took place

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  1. Gondwana, Member

    I have a hand full of reports that are presented one each in multiple tabs. The user can drill-down into a more detailed report from any of these reports located in the tabs. After drilling down, when the user clicks the BACK button on the browser, s/he is always returned to the report in the FIRST tab, which is often not the report from where the drill-down activity was initiated.

    Note that since any drill-down activity goes to only one report, I do not want to force my users to click once to bring up a menu and click again to activate the only report in that menu. I am using with event=click for the detailed report.

    I found that if I use a pop-up for the drill-down, the user can close the pop-up and be at the expected report. However, I need to export the detailed report to a PDF.

    In the detailed report I added a button to export to PDF. As soon as I click that button to export the drill-down report, the pop-up is closed and export is done in the parent window, bringing me back to the original problem of BACK going to the wrong tab.

    If I try to export the PDF to a pop-up window, when the process eventually completes (if it does) the result is garbage.

    So it seems to get a drill-down report that I can export to a PDF, I'm forced to return to the first tab of a multiple tab report.

    What is the best way to solve this problem?

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    You do not need to use event=click to trigger the linked report. You can connect the linked report to any column (instead of a menu) and get a normal HTML link.

    If you have one entity that you would like to export, the popup window is not the best solution. What you can do is to use 'new_window' as a target and linked report is opened into a new window leaving your original page status intact. The 'new_window' functionality requires newer builds to function.

    myDBR Team


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