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  1. Claude, Member

    Hi All,

    I use the linked report feature to give more information on an item from a table, basically. This works fine and I can link another report when the small arrow is clicked.
    But my problem is that I had to create a new report before linking it to the first one, but I only want the users to reach the linked report from the main report and not to be able to see it from the main page.
    Is there any mecanisms to hide the second report (linked one) from the main menu ?
    I checked on mydbr demo and it seems possible... if you go to "Dynamic linking" report, you can have access to other linked report that are not available from the main page.

    PS: Well done for his tool, that rocks :)


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    glad you like myDBR.

    To avoid direct access to linked report, simply move the linked report to a folder to which users do not have access rights to. Linked report works for those users who have access rights to the linked report regardless where the linked report is placed to.

    Some of the linked reports are usually more generic (linked to many reports) and some more specific (only used in one or two reports) so you may want to define a structure where you place the linked reports.

    myDBR Team

  3. brycedcamp, Member

    I have created a linked report and it works, however this tip doesn't work. The user has access to the original report, but not to the linked reports in another category. It only starts working when I specifically give the user access to the linked reports.

  4. myDBR Team, Key Master

    for every report, regardless if it is a "normal" report or a linked report, user needs to have an access right defined in order to use it.

    This will allow for you to make different user levels (some may just have access to the report and some can access linked reports / editing functionality).

    The tip was an answer to the question, how to prevent direct access to linked reports. If a linked report is moved to a folder user has no access to, user cannot directly access the linked report even if (s)he has access rights to use it (as a linked report).

    myDBR Team


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