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  1. I am trying to install mydbr 1.2. I have been working on an older version which I removed from the system. I have not yet updated the database thinking that it would probably check and allow me to do it from the script. The problem is that the setup script can not connect to the database. I have entered the hostname, username and password and I et the connection error box. If I ssh into the host and mysql -u xxx -p, I have no problems logging in. Any helpwould be appreciated. THANKS

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    With the "setup screen" you are referring to the 'Welcome to the myDBR'-screen?

    Are you running the myDBR application on same server as the database server? Make sure that the database server allows connections from the machine hosting the myDBR application.

    If you are still not able to log in, you can use the plain PHP test script from mydbr/user/troubleshoot/mysql.php to check your connection to the database server.

    You need to update the database with the scripts supplied, since the myDBR 1.2 application is dependent on the new and modified objects created with the script.

    myDBR Team

  3. Hi and THANKS.

    When I used your mysql test script and it also failed I noticed the optional port usage.
    I removed the port from the config.php file and reset it to 0 so I could run it again and then added the licenses that I had tried to add earlier and it seems to be running ok.

    It would be nice if there was a way to get back to the config file via the browser instead of having to edit the file after a connection failure.

    Thanks Again


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