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  1. mwyles, Member

    I produce HTML reports with the formatting I need, but when selecting PDF the report loses its formatting. All columns, including the title but excluding the subtitle, are about 72pt wide, regardless of the length of data, and I cannot change this.

    My company is not using wkhtmltopdf.

    I have tried these methods of controlling PDF formatting:
    * SELECT 'dbr.colstyle', 'Purchaser Name', mydbr_style('W200'); -- Sets the width to 200
    * SELECT 'dbr.export.options', 'font_width', 28;
    * SELECT 'dbr.purehtml', '<nobr>';

    Any idea what I am missing?


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Please consider using the wkhtmltopdf as it is the recommended way to produce PDF reports. You will get pixel perfect results using wkhtmltopdf.

    The PDF export without wkhtmltopdf will not honour the set column widths (only subset of HTML formatting is supported).

    myDBR Team


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