why i am not able to login to my mydbr account ?

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  1. manishmalviya, Member

    i have purchased mydbr licence for http://www.xxxx.co.in when i am trying to login into my account i am not able to login

    error message comes

    Problem with configuration.
    Cause: Cookies cannot be accessed
    Suggestion: Check that your cookies are enabled and that the server session path is valid

    Script: /production/edetailing/mydbr/index.php
    Session path: /production/edetailing/mydbr/

    and another issue not valid licence

    error message
    You need a valid license. Log in as admin to enter one or contact your admin.

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    make sure you log in with same hostname as you license states. Loggin in with different one (myserver.com vs http://www.myserver.com) is the most common cause for the missing license message.

    "Cookies cannot be accessed" error message comes when a started session cannot be obtained as myDBR stores the session information into the cookie. If the problem persists, contact support where we can have more detailed look.

    myDBR Team


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