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  1. felipes, Member

    Hi guys

    This weekend I've tried the Graphviz network charts for the first time and had errors. Hoping you might be able to help me troubleshoot or identify if there's a bug in mydbr.

    I've got MyDBR running fine locally on my Mac using MAMP. I installed the OSX .pkg for graphviz, confirmed that PEAR was installed (because I installed the graphviz-chart module from the command line) and have successfully got the graphviz pear module working (checked by typing the dot command in the terminal).

    Therefore, everything that the installation docs asks for has been done, but I'm getting this message from the Report page that calls the graphviz report:

    "Chart type 'network' requires a Graphviz-chart support. Check that your environment supports this."

    Is this a common problem? I've downloaded sample graphviz files from their site and can view them fine in the application installedby the graphviz software. The same error is happening in the report page itself, and in the admin report that shows the report hierachy so it's a consistent problem.

    Hope you can help, as I've got some really exciting applications for the graphviz reports which could lead to me using a Premium licence in my company.

    Thanks in advance! Felipes

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    please check if PEAR directory is included in the PHP's include_path. myDBR checks the existence of PEAR Graphviz package by trying to locate the 'Image/GraphViz.php' file from your include_path. If you installed PEAR as an extra package it might not be included in the PHP.

    You can set your include path directly in myDBR settings, in php.ini or in .htaccess-file.

    myDBR Team


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