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  1. xerxes42, Member


    We are having problems running remote reports to a Sybase ASE. We have two MyDBR instances in the same Apache. One using MySQL (where all users access reports) and one using ASE.

    We can run remote reports from the MySQL instance but only if the result set from the ASE reports have a limited numbers of rows or if we add top 1000 to the query.

    The error we are shown is:
    "No return value from remote query:"

    If we enable freetds debug it shows that the correct number of rows is returned:
    token.c:2370: rows_affected = 10000
    But we still get the error in MyDBR.

    BUT if I take the URL that is shown in the error and paste it in the browser the data is retrieved correctly in json format but it's slow. When we run the reports local on the MyDBR using ASE the queries takes about 1 second to execute and then the time to render the 60000 rows.


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    could you clarify that when you say that the query is slow in one instance and fast in the other, are the report URL's different (as they should be the same)? Also, could you specify what slow means in seconds.

    The json-creation should be fast, pretty much as fast as it can be. The logic and the optimization of the report plays important role as when you are transferring this large datasets (60K rows), it is bound to take some time simply to fetch the data.

    As for the problem itself, first thing to check is the timeout of scripts. If the query lasts longer than what is allowed for the PHP script execution, the calling myDBR might not receive the result at all and therefore produce the "No return value from remote query" error message.

    myDBR Team


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