Unable to Locate Stored Procedure - SQL STATE: 4200 code:2812

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  1. jluth, Member

    I'm connecting to a remote MS SQL Server database from my local computer over a vpn. I was able to make it through the setup until the very end and then it throws out the following error:

    DB error SQLSTATE: 42000, code: 2812
    message: message: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Could not find stored procedure 'sp_MyDBR_MyReportCount'.

    SQL: sp_MyDBR_MyReportCount

    I've searched quite extensively and haven't been able to locate any information that was helpful to my issue. This is my first setup and I verified everything was where it needed to be from what I could tell. The installation was successful in creating the stored procedures themselves but then wasn't able to call them.

    Can anyone provide me with some direction or insight? I'm stumped?

    // myDBR configuration file. Created: 2012-12-01 20:14:25
    define( "DB_VENDOR", 'sqlsrv' );
    define( "DB_HOST", 'btdbhub' );
    define( "DB_PORT", NULL );
    define( "DB_NAME", 'myDBR' );
    define( "DB_USER", 'jluth' );
    define( "DB_PASSWORD", '' );
    define( "SETUP_DONE", true );


    Checking PHP Version OK
    PHP version 5.3.18 found.
    Checking Database PHP Extensions OK
    mysqli - PHP Extension for MySQL INSTALLED
    mssql - PHP Extension SQL Server, Sybase ASE and SQL Anywhere NOT INSTALLED
    sqlsrv - Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server INSTALLED

    You will be able to connect to:
    - MySQL
    - Microsoft SQL Server
    Checking file permissions OK
    C:\inetpub\wwwroot\mydbr/mydbr_config.php is writable.


    Report database setup
    Checking database connection OK
    Database myDBR connection tested successfully.
    Checking database version OK
    Found Microsoft SQL Server version: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (SP1) (Intel X86)
    Checking if database exists OK
    Database myDBR existence verified successfully.
    Checking if myDBR reporting objects exist OK
    myDBR reporting objects validated successfully.

  2. jluth, Member

    Figured it out. Please disregard.


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