cannot report after creating stored procedure

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  1. ericc, Member

    I defined a stored procedure, in the mysql editor. Now I want to define a report based on that, but everytime I click on Add Report, I return to the sql editor. I don't get the form where I can fill-in my parameters for defining the report (as shown in the documentation). Am I stupid?

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Make sure you have created the report with the prefix 'sp_DBR' (myDBR uses this to distinguish the report procedures from normal procedures) and that your report is really saved into the database. Databases usually do not allow procedures with syntax error to be stored into the database.

    To show the report code, just type the procedure name into the SQL Editor, select it and press "Show selected object"-button. If the procedure is stored into the database, the source code will be shown in new tab. Also, it should be visible in Query Builder.

    myDBR Team

  3. ericc, Member

    Ah now I see: I thought the prefix should be sp_ so I typed something like sp_test for a title.
    Now I retried with sp_DBR_test and everything works fine. Thanks for your superfast reply!!



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