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  1. situ, Member


    I am not sure if this has changed during one of the recent releases but I am noticing in the parameter entry form the headers "Parameter" and "User Input" are always displayed above the parameter fields.

    Is the there a way this can be suppressed or customised? Most of my users go into a blind panic at the words parameter and user, they sound threatening to them and they think they need the job title programmer to understand them :-(
    When I have VP's and Directors looking at this, they take one glance and see the phrases and automatically make a decision that this is too complex them, if I can control the presentation text then they will be happy, for a while.

    If it is not possible could we consider this as a feature request?



  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    In myDBR 3.9 we did a complete CSS overhaul including cleaned CSS code and better customization options. This way if you had overridden the old CSS classes, you just need to use the new ones.

    To hide the parameter titles you can add this to your userstyle.css:

    .report_params_header_row {display:none;}

    myDBR Team


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