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  1. john, Member

    Hi Mydbr

    Wondering if mydbr can generate the content for bubble_html ?

    I saw the graph in the bubble at this page and thought it might have been generated by mydbr. I couldn't figure out if it was possible though. A search at google of bubble_html site:mydbr.com only brings up two results.


  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    What do you want to show in the bubble? The Google bubble does accept any HTML code you generate.

    myDBR Team

  3. john, Member

    It would be cool to put a mydbr report in the bubble and somehow have the bubble be the container for the report.
    Or if that is too much to ask, then I was hoping to be able to utilize mydbr security and report generation to generate some of the html for the bubble. For me this would result in a application that is potentially easier to build.

    For example the graph in the in the bubble on page mydbr.com/home/create/google-maps-support could be generated with a mydbr report.

    Another example (interacting with map requires custom extension though) is updating the points (lat / long), currently i have a form submit button in the bubble, with a "Get" method attached to the button pointing towards a mydbr report url to update changes to points. a problem with this is at the moment is after i click the button the mydbr report that updates the database returns a different page, would be nice to put/contain the response in the bubble.


  4. myDBR Team, Key Master

    that would require bit more work for the Google Maps extension.The functionality now is to show a map inside your report, not yet the other way round.

    myDBR Team


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