Trouble with Linked reports in new Version 5.1.2

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  1. collllfashi, Member

    Hi team,

    I'm upgraded mydbr to 5.1.2 and all my report have a problem:
    I cant link drilldown with report have multiple link.

    This is example code:

    CREATE PROCEDURE `sp_DBR_test_drilldown`(inPar varchar(50)) BEGIN

    -- (1) -- select '', 'sp_DBR_test_drilldown', 'new_popup', '[column]', 'inPar=(inPar)';

    -- (2) -- select '', 'sp_DBR_test_show_v1', 'new_popup', '[column]', 'inPar=(inPar)';

    SELECT 'col1' as 'column[column]', 'val1' as 'value[value]' union all select 'col2', 'val2' union all select 'col3', 'val3';


    You can see, Parameter inPar is my list string and when I pass parameter inPar with value: 'a','b'
    I can't link to my report with error(Previous version can run normally):

    But when i remove line below (2) The report can run normally so my Parameter not wrong:

    Please fix this problem ASAP. All my report are waiting now..
    Thanks team!

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    You can run the updater to get the latest version.

    myDBR Team


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