Can I change the column’s name in the output of a report?

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  1. shem, Member

    I am asking, after the report is being displayed in the window, can I somehow edit the column name on the output so that when I then go to export and print it, it will show my chosen column name.
    Emphasizing that I don't want to change the column name in the report itself. Another person displaying the report should show the original name.

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    When the report is exported the report is run again and the data is converted to desired format (Excel, PDF, CSV, XML, JSON, TEXT etc). Changind the HTML version will not change the export version.

    You could make the report editable and allow user to type in the new column names and then use those in user's export. You then decide if the changed colum names are used always or just once.

    myDBR Team


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