Paging together with export PDF not looking right

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  1. shem, Member

    If my report uses the paging feature
    SELECT "dbr.pager", 12;
    it displays on the browser with the orange paging bar and the first 12 rows.

    If I then click on the export PDF button, I expect it to show a PDF version of ALL the rows.
    Instead, it showed only the first 12 rows.
    Also the PDF showed the Orange paging bar. Why would I want that on the PDF output?

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    If you do not want the pager to appear in the PDF output, you can add automatic parameter inExportFormat to the report.

    inExportFormat varchar(4)

    Then in the report check that the pager will not be enabled in PDF reports:

    if (inExportFormat!='pdf') then
    select 'dbr.pager', 12;
    end if;

    myDBR Team


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