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  1. shem, Member

    When I go to the Synchronization link on the Admin links it opens the Synchronization page and displays my reports.
    If I want to create the Synchronization SQL, it gives me an option to check all the reports that I want to exclude.
    Lets say I have a hundred reports and I want to exclude 99 of them.
    I have to check 99 of the boxes.
    Can you please add an adjustment with one[u] of the following:
    a) Be able to change the keyword Exclude to Include
    b) Have a "Select All" button
    c) Have an "Inverse" button to change all the checked boxes to unchecked, and the unchecked boxes to checked.
    Thanks in advance.

    Another question:
    So far, I ran this Synchronization functionality to produce SQL output
    Does this output contain enough information to copy it to another myDBR installation and actually create the reports and everything that is needed to run them? Or is is only the SQL for the stored procedures, and I still have to manually create the reports?

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    When you use the synchronization feature, it allows for you to transfer reports between the muDBR instancies. It will move the report codes, create reports, optionally create the folder structure, move the styles and parameter queries.

    By default it shows changes made from a selected date (for example for last week). You can also exclude the reports that you do not yet want to be synchonized.

    In usual cases you may have few reports that you do not want to include in the synchronization and you exclude those from the process. It is very unlikely that you have created 98 reports that you do not want to sync (at least myDBR will remember the excluded ones between the runs).

    Try running the sync feature for awhile and see how it works for you.

    myDB Team,


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