dbr.button : Can it generate an indicator for "Report running"

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  1. shem, Member

    I would like it that when the button is pressed for dbr.button to generate a (linked) report that while the report is running, there appears some kind of UI indicator to let the user know that the report is still running, and it should disappear when the report generation is finished.
    Even a "please wait" during the run would be good.
    What can you suggest?

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Depending on what the target of the report is. If you are targeting embedded element, there is an element with ID ajaxBusy that shows a spinning loder icon.

    If you are targeting a new page, browser's default loading indicator shows the loading of the report.

    myDBR Team

  3. shem, Member

    Both the initial report and the linked report display in the same embedded Object tag.
    So can you tell me how exatcly I would use ajaxBusy ?

  4. myDBR Team, Key Master

    How does your object-tag embed code and the dbr.report-call look like?

    myDBR Team

  5. shem, Member

    Actually I do see a spinning loader icon, but it is more towards the top of the page, and I was hoping it would be right near the button that is triggered by dbr.button.

    My object tag embedded code uses PHP/Yii and looks like this:
    echo Html::tag('object', '', [
    'id' => 'mydbr_obj_id',
    'data' => $mydbr_url,
    'type' => 'text/html',
    'width' => '100%',
    'height' => '800px',

    My report code with dbr.button and dbr.report look like this:

            select 'dbr.button', "Click for full report", "btn-primary-verifacto";
    select 'dbr.report', 'sp_DBR_vehicle_list_details', 'clientdb=the_clientdb', '_location_name=the_location_name', '_portfolio_name=the_portfolio_name', '_account_status=the_account_status', '_vehicle_status=the_vehicle_status', '_vehicle_substatus=the_vehicle_substatus', 'linked_output[]';
    SET @query := CONCAT("
    '", clientdb, "' AS the_clientdb,
    '", _location_name, "' AS the_location_name,
    '", _portfolio_name, "' AS the_portfolio_name,
    '", _account_status, "' AS the_account_status,
    '", _vehicle_status, "' AS the_vehicle_status,
    '", _vehicle_substatus, "' AS the_vehicle_substatus

  6. myDBR Team, Key Master

    The spinning Ajax indicator is initially displayed at the top by default. You have the option to use JavaScript or CSS to reposition the element as desired or customize the element itself. The element's ID is 'ajaxBusy'.

    myDBR Team


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