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  1. jmatney, Member


    I've been working with myDBR for the past week. So far, I find the product very nice.

    I am generating a crosstab report where the row data isn't particularly important, just the summary rows. Is it possible to have myDBR only display the summary rows and hide the detail rows?


    John Matney

  2. myDBR Team, Key Master

    Glad you like myDBR.

    There are couple of ways doing this.

    First, we'd recommend you to check if the report query could be changed in a way that you do a GROUP BY + SUM for the detail rows. This would leave you just the summary rows and you could still use the crosstab. You probably will get best performance this way.

    If you, for some reason, do want to keep the detail rows and just not choose to show them, you can attach a row style 'display: none' to the rows . This would leave you just the summary rows.

    As said, we'd recommend to see if the first option could be used.

    myDBR Team

  3. jmatney, Member

    Thanks for your response. For the short term I went with option 2. However, I suspect looking at the query, as you suspect is the way to go.

    Finally, is it possible to get rid of the summation symbol in the summary rows?


  4. brad@foreverybody, Blocked

    Im not where i can check for certain, but I know you can change it in the admin panel. presumably you can change it to nothing, but if not just change it to a space (& nbsp;)


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